Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finished Dogs in Canada art

Here is the final art of the wee doggie looking to go wee. I like the word wee and not just because I've haggis in my blood. Being of Scottish stock does help though.
This chap in fact looks like a Glasgow punter if I'm not mistaken.

I met a million slightly effete aging rockers like this at the pub on Duke street when I lived with old Uncle Jimmy. They were always proud of their singing voices and to a man, exploited vibrato like Caruso risen from the grave.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dogs in Canada rough sketch

I'm gonna throw up a rough sketch here and post the final art when done to see the changes.

It is a thing for Dogs in Canada about dogs taking a tinkle inside the house and how some folks are oblivious on how to stop it. (thankfully Mr. Lamont does not have this problem)

My roughs are generally very primitive, so it should look a lot cleaner upon completion..I hope.

New Globe and Mail illustration

Todays picture shows some chap who comes across that last nasty bit of dirty snow that always seems to cling to life in the spring. I for one do not look forward to this and am indeed really enjoying the snow. I hope we have a good long season so much skating and tubing can take place.
Call me a fool but I love winter.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dogs in Canada artwork...WOOF!

Being a dog owner and lover of all 4 legged beasties, I am lucky to work regularly for Trista and Michael over at Dogs in Canada Magazine. Every issue I get to draw something silly for them and I'll include some recent stuff here.
They are pen and ink or watercolours.

Note the one starring my dog Lamont wearing what can only be described as a "Toller Cranston" ensemble for his competition....remarkably an article about poo poo and how vets grade the quality!

Darryl Silver's Bar

When the great Darryl Silver calls and needs a swanky bar created in his home, Team Tyrell blasts into action! Initially we made the wet bar from scratch with a well sanded and stained poplar bar surface and the area was finished off with the delightful booze cabinet for the wall.

Darryl was also able to procure a terrific fertility mask from tribal elders in Borneo. A beautiful addition.

Note that Darryl Silver may be the only man left in Toronto serving a true "Tipsy Seaman".
Few homes are more equipped to please.

Globe and Mail update

Here is one on the jealousy that exists between the hot headed males of the Ballroom Dancing world for the Globe and Mail.

Literary Review Art

These are three recent additons to the Literary Review of Canada, accompanying art for articles on Allan Gotleib, Emily Carr and Stephane Dion. Very quick, but fun to do.

Romanian Writers

The illustration on top is of Eugene Ionescu, the famed Romanian writer.

The folks at Cartoonists Rights Network in Romania started an exhibition of Caragiale portraits and have expanded it to include other noted cultural contributers from Romania.They have been asking me for a year or so to offer up some work and I finally ended up making one of Ionescu and his fellow master of dread Emil Cioran (below).

They are swiftly done watercolours that I hope capture the essence of these two...lots of cigarette smoke and notions of nothingness.

Lots of caricature folks from around the globe have offered up stuff worth looking at, visit -