Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Final caricatures for the DIC

Here are the final versions of the nice folks over at Dogs in Canada magazine.
The likenesses are pretty good though it is always tempting to brew up each one for hours and hours and I couldn't do it as the time was not there.
Hopefully look good on their website.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've been commissioned to draw the entire staff (13 people) of the Dog Magazine for their website profile page.
Here are the primitive first sketches, I hope to throw up finals when they are done to see if we can improve on any of them.


An article about "food guarding" has our hero deep in the trenches guarding that kibble at all cost.
A real problem for many dog owners unfortunately...thank god Lamont doesn't pull that stunt.


Here's a thing the folks at the magazine wanted of the "ol' dog with the hamster wheel goin' round and round."

Monday, January 5, 2009

David Parkins

Coco and I had the great pleasure of meeting and being entertained by the great English artist
David Parkins and his wife Angie. They live in a gorgeous heritage home in a wee town near Gananoque and have only recently emigrated in the past year or so.
David has illustrated a bizillion kids books and is a top pro in the industry. His political cartoons in the Guardian are superbly rendered and something to look out for if you pick up the papers.

For quasi-Brit kids like myself that grew up on a steady diet of the Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Oor Wullie etc. meeting the man that also draws Dennis the Menace (Brit version) is really mind blowing.
He has a collection of annuals that you really can't comprehend...millions of comics! And dragged all the way from England...amazing.

A really nice thing to meet David and his charming family, we had a great afternoon.


In my endless quest to offer my lovely bride silly cartoon versions of her literary and philosophy heroes, I present this kooky rendering of the great wall-eyed thinker Jean Paul Sartre.

I thought portraying him as a Mexican worker peasant
(inspired by Diego Rivera socialist propaganda cartoons) would be a silly touch as opposed to an elite French Marxist intellectual.
Very quick and crude body, but great fun to do.

Darryl comes alive!

A crackerjack of a show was witnessed by many a couple of weeks ago when Darryl Silver took Toronto by storm with his annual winter Spectacle!
I made a picture of Darryl and his many personalities that looked very nice in poster form and on the bodies of many in t-shirt form.

Penny Atkins Daughter

Here is a sketch of my old pal Penny's daughter Megan. She is very cute with spectacular big eyes that just need to be drawn.