Monday, March 5, 2007

Nadia Comaneci rough sketch

The fine folks at CRN in Romania added the great Nadia Comaneci to their list of famed Romanians and I could not resist making a sketch of her.
I drew Nadia on the weekend and it was a funny sensation as I remembered being a kid watching her win the Olympics and thinking at the time that she would be fun to draw.

I guess I like the smoky eyes that a lot of the Romanian folks have along with the great beleaguered expressions.

Not sure if I will work this up into a finished piece yet...I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

I also remember Nadia, a young girl, I haven't seen many photos of her for a long time but I suspect after falling on the Balance Beam so many time she walks like a seasoned Biker....Keep up the Great work Westinghouse.