Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Here is a new watercolour sketch from this afternoon for the chaps at the cartoonist rights network.
This fellow was renowned poet Eminsecu who had all the ladies hearts a flutter in his day.
Unfortunately this shows him in decline as he was one of the best looking gents around about a decade earlier. Mental illness and probably some antics with the bottle took away his hunkiness.


Anonymous said...

Greeting Master Wes!

Dynamics in this sketchbook are quite amazing lately. What a display of style and skills!

I must confess, I've been postponing sending a couple of words for a while now although I have been following the postings.

I am quite fond of the Romanian dudes...amazing work. The details make me think you must know their work/bio quite well. Do you?
The highlights though, are the surf guy and definitely the political cartoon. The "acid" look on Harper's face is unbelievable!!!
This is a really, really funny political cartoon. It's like the guy is so relaxed and sure he's figured it out when it comes to environment...and who knows maybe he really thinks that way...
yet we live far from the bliss that's going on his head. Also, the way you paint the opposition is sadly quite realistic...they are elements of decor.

Hats off, great idea, great colors and exciting to look at! One cannot stop admiring the skill and crack a good laugh in the same time.

Looking forward to more art,

Mata Hari

coco said...

Very nice portrait of the one considered the "Star" of Romanian literature. As it happens I am quite familiar with his work and I must say he would probably be flattered to be portrayed with such skill. Very nice job!!!!!