Monday, January 5, 2009

David Parkins

Coco and I had the great pleasure of meeting and being entertained by the great English artist
David Parkins and his wife Angie. They live in a gorgeous heritage home in a wee town near Gananoque and have only recently emigrated in the past year or so.
David has illustrated a bizillion kids books and is a top pro in the industry. His political cartoons in the Guardian are superbly rendered and something to look out for if you pick up the papers.

For quasi-Brit kids like myself that grew up on a steady diet of the Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Oor Wullie etc. meeting the man that also draws Dennis the Menace (Brit version) is really mind blowing.
He has a collection of annuals that you really can't comprehend...millions of comics! And dragged all the way from England...amazing.

A really nice thing to meet David and his charming family, we had a great afternoon.